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Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug 4'9 X 11'2

SKU: U-5018
$3,150.00 Regular Price
$1,575.00Sale Price
  • The luxurious quality of the wool (for which Oushaks have always been famous) contributed to the vibrancy of the colors. Unlike most Turkish rugs, Oushak rugs were heavily influenced by Persian design. Many depictions of ancient oriental carpets in old western paintings appear to be styles designed and woven in Oushak. Many people look at Oushak rugs for their history and ancient value, but even in today's world of carpet weaving, there are countless Oushak rugs that truly convey the original aesthetic and sense of timeless ancient design. You will fall in love with our Oushak rugs, featuring bold floral designs and many other antique details. Colors: light brick/greens/apricot/grays/taupe.